Tarot Decks

The Rider-Waite Deck

This is the tarot deck that I started with when I was in San Antonio in the year 2000. The deck you see in my videos has
been with me ever since. It is over 20 years old and holds very intense energies. As I go through the readings over time
the figures stand out in different ways and this deck never fails to deliver. One of the first tarot decks made for mass
production, the energy surrounding this deck is timeless. Great deck to start with for the beginner reader. Traditional
or the Vibrant would be great choices.

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The ISIS Oracle Deck

The ISIS deck is a profound deck that I connected with right away. I cannot believe how accurate this deck is for me. If
you have reverence for the Egyptian philosophies and teachings, this deck will not fail you. Almost every card in the
deck is related to the Goddess ISIS in Egyptian lore. When using this deck I would suggest using for an overall message
after using another deck for the general spread.

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Gods and Titans Deck

Why do I like this deck? It is very straight forward. The deck picks several Gods through all divinities. Each God has
been designated a specific energy. The book that comes along with it is very clean and short as well. I always get great
messages from this deck especially as it relates to the houses the Sun and Mars are transiting in my natal chart. Also,
this deck is great for anything work or career related.

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The Witches Tarot

This tarot deck is similar to the Rider-Waite but with some differences. The depictions are pretty clear and the art work
is really beautiful. There are so many energetic nuances through detailed pictures that really give a reader great
messages. I generally use this deck to clarify my spreads when using the Rider-Waite.

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